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PET scan results in!

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PET scan results in!

Written Nov 5, 2013 9:07pm

Yesterday was PET scan day.  I will admit, I dread it each time!!  I really felt like this would be fine, but if I’m ever wrong, obviously that is a huge life-changer for us, and I know all too well what battling cancer is.I had Kevin, the guy who has done almost all of my scans.  I always feel like I’m seeing an old friend when I see him!  He’s this big Missouri guy with a genuinely kind personality.  He always treats me well and lets me look at the scan at the end.  He has always been optimistic for me, even the first time when we looked at the scan together and it was obvious there was something going on.  I remember he told me that he couldn’t read the scan for me (although, of course he could, he just isn’t supposed to.)  “But”, he said, “if it is cancer, you just stay positive.  It’s amazing how much a positive attitude can help.  You stay positive no matter what the doctors say!”  Then he told me about his dad beating some other type of cancer that was really advanced.  I will always remember his optimism while I was so afraid and in such despair.  What a great guy!Anyway, Kevin was there again, and he remarked how incredible it was that I was doing so well having been diagnosed with stage four breast cancer.  He said, “I can’t wait to look at this scan!”  And I said, “Me too, ’cause it’s going to be awesome!!” Read More