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May 2013 PET scan results

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May 2013 PET scan results

Written May 17, 2013 3:38pm

I had my 6-month PET scan last Friday and this morning got the results.  Overall it looks great, but it is not quite as definitive as I was hoping.  Basically there is a lymph node on my left side of my neck under my jaw that is a bit “iffy”.  It has a slightly higher metabolic rate, but it is probably just “reactionary” which means that it is because of a slight infection in my body.  The oncologist thinks it is probably nothing, but wants me to do another PET scan in 3 months just to follow up on it.
I think it is probably fine too.  I feel great, and am getting ready for a half marathon in a few weeks.  Honestly, I have just learned to live with a bit of uncertainty, basically thinking that we probably got rid of all the cancer, but never really knowing for sure.  So this is not something that is any different than that!!
I am happy about everything else in my body looking great, and am not too worried about that lymph node.  I’ll assume it is okay unless I find out otherwise in August.  And if that is the case then we will cut it the heck out of me and be done with it!!!  ;)
Love you guys!  Thanks for the prayers!