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PET scan results Nov. ’12

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PET scan results Nov. ’12

Written Nov 7, 2012 4:02pm

Last Friday I had my 6-month PET scan.  Branden went with me, and I drank the nasty stuff sitting in a dark room for 90 minutes, and then lied still in the PET/CT machine for another 30 with my right arm numb the whole time!!  =)

I didn’t ask to see the test after because I felt good about it, but didn’t want to risk seeing something questionable in the study and worrying about it all week until getting the results.  I am scheduled to go in tomorrow morning to get the official PET scan results, but the doctor was able to look through it today and had his nurse give me a call so that I would not be worrying until tomorrow morning.
Everything looks great!!  There is still evidence in my bones of where the cancer was, and some effect from the radiation, but it does not look like there is any cancer there.  I am so happy, grateful, and relieved!!!
Thank you so much for those who prayed for me.  I love you all!!!  I am bawling as I write this!  My heart is full of gratitude that God has seen fit to give me more time on this earth to be with those I love, and those who need me right now.
I will have another PET scan in May, but until then, I will live my life and not worry about my health anymore!!!!